Olive Clarke

Olive has enjoyed a career in primary school teaching as a Deputy Head, has taught adults in this country and the USA. She has been a Church Warden, wise friend and committed cat lover over many years. Latterly she has been nurtured in an excellent nursing home, since suffering a severe stroke in 2012, which has left her bed-bound, and from which vantage point she continues to write with great sensitivity.

Her delightful stories reflect Olive’s life skills and interests: her acquired wisdom mirrored in the wildcats of the mountains, a perceptive understanding of the hierarchy of management within human and animal circles, and maybe the most profound, her insights into the mysterious workings of a God who loves unconditionally, and perpetually shows a way through life’s impenetrable barriers, even for the most unlikely candidates. Yet Olive never preaches: her sensibilities are completely natural: in fact one may pass over or miss such subtleties at times without judgment, or detriment to the text. She uses beautiful descriptive language, and the prophetic poetry slipped into the narrative adds a magic all of its own.

Be prepared then for the ultimate page-turner, which none-the-less leaves you with much food for thought.


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About the Book

Set in a landscape resembling the awesome Peak District, the wildcats reflect the tough beauty of the scenery. We soon meet Kahmet, the unlikely hero. It is said that God has no favourites: if He had, then who would qualify, since His standards must be immeasurably high? However, in Kahmet we might consider the possibility. Flawed as he is, his tentative trust in divine protection at his time of greatest need, his youthful wisdom as he tests his growing maturity, and his respect for those whose position warrants it, all point to deserved benevolent protection by an Ultimate Authority. The invading tribe of wildcats display moments of horrific cruelty; the wily ways on both sides would tax the battle plans of any human army: the reader’s hope is always that good will indeed conquer evil. As each cat has the opportunity to take centre stage, we see the world from their point of view, whether in battle-crazed fury, or the sweetest tenderness of helpless love. At the climax of the story, all threads are pulled together and the reader has a glimpse of the Eternal, whereby the imperfect is completed, inequalities justified, and inadequacies resolved.