Arielle was left orphaned at a young age. She had been raised by her mother until her death. She had been neglected and mistreated. Without having parents, she was left lonely and angry. While sitting on a twig in a forest crying one day, she was approached by a fairy Godmother.

Being a caring Godmother, she gave Arielle a magic wand to take care of herself. Not only was Arielle able to feed and clothe herself, but she also used the wand for selfish and hateful purposes until she met a male fairy.

According to the Fairy Queen Rhiannon if you could catch a Starling, you would have everlasting life as long as it lived; so, goes the legend. Arielle wished to catch a Starling all right, but not for everlasting life; she had other plans to provide herself with a better life.

After her capture of the bird, she taught him to talk and trained him to do her bidding by taking money from under children’s pillows that good fairies had left to replace a tooth.

Once she met a male fairy she fell in love and changed her ways, and they lived happily ever after.