This book highlights the impact of management behavior on Return on Investment (ROI), how to achieve it and maintain it.


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The Extra-Mile Manager

If you are a manager, you may wonder how your behavior toward your staff affects their productivity and your department’s contribution to profit. If so, this book is for you. The author had many loathsome jobs. Apathetic managers aggravated poor work conditions. He was aggrieved enough to spend most of his adult life deciphering the real-world (bottom-line) metrics from bosses’ behaviors toward those under their care. The absence of accountability for ill-treatment of staff, with consequent poor productivity, has been a universal norm. Still, many managers act in their people’s best interests. What measurable difference does that make? Metrics on intangible inputs are hard to come by, which is why this book spans almost four decades. There are many behavioral needles in the corporate haystack. To isolate the ones that raise productivity and profit, the author measured a wide range of behavioral inputs for their impact. Audited financial statements over the span of research projects are empirical evidence of impact. Correlation studies are summarized for readers. Measurable behavioral change is slow, so time is squeezed. But positive signs emerged within the first year of introducing behavioral metrics that raise accountability. The un-engagement mystery was solved in the process. It’s good old-fashioned caring behavior that turns red ink black. Apathetic managers exude red ink. It will shock you to know how much. It comes down to where you—and all managers–are on the apathy-empathy continuum. Managers are not stuck. Positive behavioral change is doable. When you get to the bottom line, and the last chapter, you’ll have a handle on the negative intangible inputs that plague enterprises. You will have a leg up on everyone who didn’t digest this book. You’ll know what your staff needs from you, so you can up your game. They will love you for providing it. And your firm? It will credit you for opening the spigot to a whole new source of profit. Shouldn’t managers have a behavioral algorithm to max out results? It’s here. As you apply it, you’ll be going the extra mile for your people. They will reciprocate. Your numbers will validate your impact in exact dollars, proof of your effectiveness.