The Illuminated Journey

For many years of Sarah Elizabeth Jones’ life, since the age of 12, she had no memory of her childhood. Other people would talk about events of their childhood, but she could not recall her own childhood years.

As Sarah grew into adolescence and adulthood, she had no sense of identity. She observed others around her, and pondered events and circumstances, drew conclusions, but it all seemed as if she were an outsider looking in on life.

Sarah worked hard in school, graduated, found a job, went to college, married and had children, but it was as if she were experiencing life in a “bubble.”

Then one day, the “bubble” popped. Sarah’s childhood memories came, and she was forced to face herself, and who she really was.

The Illuminated Journey is the story of Sarah’s life. It is really God’s story, for it was He who began it, and led her through it.