The Run For the Roses

A Novel by John D. Loscher

The House of Machado, led by Dr. Anastasia Machado, M.D., and her husband, Dr. Julio Machado, D.V.M., emerge victorious from the aftermath of a bitter family feud resulting with their taking over the family’s multinational corporation, Sharanski Enterprises. But they only succeed by merging with another multinational corporation, Sabah Incorporated, led by Princess Sheba Al-Sabah. These two fabulously wealthy households quickly unify with the marriage of Joseph “Joey” Machado to Countess Magdalene Al-Sabah.

Upon their marriage, Joey and Magdalene discover they are players tasked to live out the lifelong ambition of their Al-Sabah family elders: win horseracing’s Triple Crown. At the same time, the matriarch of the Rearchek clan—Anastasia’s mother—remarries.

Upon taking her marriage vows, she instantly becomes embroiled in a quest to fulfill her new husband’s lifelong ambition: see to it that one of their grandchildren becomes the first Italian-Catholic President of the United States. For these two clans, the quest to accomplish those ambitions via manipulation of their offspring will result in a saga that, for both families, cumulates as, The Run For the Roses.