Book Overview

We all start out as humans… newborn babies. We are created in the image of God.

We are sometimes labeled, and put in container boxes by people who know nothing of our gifts, talents, abilities, our genius, the Holy Spirit has placed within us.

Some accept the labels and reports others shave of them. “He or she will never amount to anything. They will have a house full of children and never marry. They will never finish high school or have a job.”

Don’t believe the reports. Refuse to accept the labels. Don’t live your entire life on the expectations other have designed for your life.

You must step outside the containment of the simple minds of others. God has designed great things for your life outside the mind boxes of others. Believe it and receive it.

In Perseverance Despite Punishment, you will read the lives of people who refused to accept reports others had of them. They broke free from restraints, bondage and received their victories God had destined for them.

They persevered through many hardships. They did what they wanted to do. Through hard work and tenancy, they succeed and so can we.