The Blacker Side of Buddhism

Terry Johnson is a troubleshooter in the aviation industry working on business trips to the Far East. Suddenly his driver said he had killed baby fetuses to make baby spirits go to work for him. ‘We do it all the time said the driver.’ ‘How do you get a real baby?’ Asked Terry. We pay a real woman to get pregnant then after eight months have gone by; we make her have the baby. Then we put the baby on the roof in the sun, pray, and chant over the baby for 40 days. Then the baby spirit becomes ours, will work for us, and do anything we ask it to do. Even to harm someone. ‘That’s murder Sammy’ (the drivers name).Terry Johnson was enticed into finding out more and went to Thailand to find out if he could stop it. But he would be placed in Danger by the Kuman Thong.