An Essential Guide To Your Financial Well-Being

An essential guide for expatriates or anyone considering working abroad. It will show you how to make the most of your expatriate status; everything from getting your employment contract right to the do’s and don’ts of your final repatriation. And most importantly, how to avoid the sharks (on two feet) who frequent the shores of expatriate communities.

A humorous read for the novice and seasoned expatriate alike. This book explores the triumphs and pitfalls of the expatriate experience, using a selection of real-life stories from some of the thousands of expatriates I have personally interviewed over the years.

This is a must for those expatriates or residents abroad who wish to accumulate an anonymous nest egg of their own, that can be easily accessed (without alerting the taxman) even after your repatriation. Yes, “Virtual Cash” is here to stay and it’s yours to keep or spend as you wish, with no paper trail to the taxman.

Tax Avoidance is illegal – Tax sheltering is not! This book will guide you through enough legal loopholes to tie the taxman up in knots for at least three lifetimes, giving you and your grandchildren long term, tax-free financial security and complete peace of mind.