Book Overview

American Overhaul details the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) efforts over the last 50-years to convert America into a Socialist State easily conquered without bloodshed. The author also shows how the Democrats with China’s support use the Race Card to suppress any conservative dialog or ideas. Tens of millions of Democratic voters are used by the Party, its captured media and Silicon Valley executives to perpetuate left-wing dominance.

In the nation’s “OH SHIT” moment, a Republican wins the White House. President Wilson and Congress invoke the War Powers Act to deal with the unrelenting growth of Socialism. The tragedy of millions of youths quietly quitting the workforce and hidding in their parent’s basements playing social media games highlights the collapse of the Work Ethic.

He also conducts a secret military mission, which uses artificial intelligence to blast commands, which disable the computer operating systems in China. As a result, the electricity is gone and the warships are floating helplessly in the South China Sea. This gives the president the opportunity to reduce China’s role in America and padlock federal government departments to get the funds and labor for much-needed Infrastructure Projects.

In the end, the CCP is forced to negotiate a Peace Agreement at Camp David. America gets another chance to be the beacon of freedom in the world while its leaders are guided by the second greatest document ever written-the Constitution.