The ineffable and what that has to do with humanity

Deconstructing the identities of gods and man

This is a book about the identities of godship, the nature of reality, utility of belief, and the understanding of consciousness. This book is designed for those leaving or renegotiating their faith and redefining or reappraising their identities and by extension that of god’s. And thus it functions as A critique of societies and the gods who created them. From neuroscience and biological anthropology to social injustice and the history of modern culture this book will attempt to help the reader deconstructing the socioeconomic, political, patriarchally religious identities they’ve adopted from their corresponding cultures.

“We did not leave Christianity because we wanted to “sin”, we left because we found the entire institution to be morally repugnant and we refused to be complicit in bringing about a heaven built of someone else’s hell. It is not death we fear, but living under tyranny.” This is not another argument for or against the existence of god but rather an examination of the phenomena often attributed to god and a discussion about each culture and ages claims about those gods identities. From biological anthropology and evolutionary psychology to sociology and the humanities. This book can best be described as A mixture of science and poetry surrounding one of the deepest cosmological question known to man. Pondering the meaning of life.