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I have always been interested in science, but became passionately interested, and decided to write a science fiction story, while doing legal work for a company involved in biomedical research. The experiments that company participated in, to find new drugs to treat maladies for which there are still no effective cures, fascinated me. I am certain that kind of work was far more important than the legal work I did negotiating and drafting contracts.

My passion drove me to read everything I could lay my hands on about the life sciences: Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, Gregor Mendel’s laws of dominant and recessive genes, Watson and Crick’s double helix structure of DNA, and other famous scientists’ discoveries, such as those of Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, and Richard Dawkins.

I eventually grew confident enough to tackle what I consider more difficult subjects like quantum mechanics and, in particular, the big bang theory of how the universe, its stars, and its trillions of planets were created, some of which can sustain life that constantly evolves and often mutates into new species.

The Leviticus Rats Experiment  is my end product.