A John Elfman Novel

John Elfman is The R.E.P.O. Elf in spite of himself because of the decisions he made and the situations he created as a repossession artist. People purchase many things on credit for incalculable reasons but fail to make the payments. Collectible, Muscle and regular cars and trucks and even people’s businesses provide a steady diet for one man to outwit the owners and solve their problems with the bank or finance company. John learns, over time, that repossession is not always the answer. Life teaches John that it is not a straight line from beginning to end but a myriad series of twists, turns and switchbacks. As John moves through the various repossessions, he determines that first there must be possessions. And possessions are often precious to people. People and their possessions are delicately intertwined and separating them is a tenuous task, even for seasoned repossession professionals. Repossession work is not for the faint of heart nor, as John learns, one he can go alone.