The Power of Belief

The Story of an African Ghetto Child

Thoughtful from the onset, The Power of Belief highlights the life story of the author, who despite all odds rose to greatness.

Yusuf Sabiku, who grew up poor in one of the most densely populated areas of Lilongwe, Malawi, shares a journey of self-improvement that led him to a new world of possibility.

Growing up in the slums where the dreams of many youths were shattered, the author came to realize that the power of belief reflects one’s thoughts. That is, if we can only change our mindset and embrace positive thinking, we can free ourselves from the mental shackles of negativity and become empowered to effect change around us.

The author’s mastery of martial arts is a shining example of the power of belief, as well as his career in the British Army.

Join the author on an incredible journey that will help you boost confidence and achieve excellence no matter what society expects from you.

Transform your mind and annihilate all the obstacles that stand before you with the Power
of Belief. Dwell into it and DEFY ODDS.

Discover your real self
Enhance the Potential within you
Face your inner fears
Yield self-belief and Positive thinking
Overcome doubt and negativity
Defeat adversity and embrace failure
Define the meaning and purpose of life
Serve your life with a greater cause