Revolution Road

Broken Trail

The world didn’t end, it sure did try though. The Fall, the following riots, world unrest, mass hysteria and murder due to everyday products no longer being available. Looking at the world as it is now… you might say it did end. To a group of kids in their senior year, that’s furthest from their minds. Pay it forward, an unofficial motto spoken by the group and uttered by those they help. Their mindset is: What can they do for their family, their friends, their neighbors, and their country and how can they have fun while doing it? They have their skills learned through training, trial and error, all of which get put to use.

Then just as if it hadn’t had enough, the world tried to end again, only this time it was the blatant greed and hunger for power from others that started the next crisis. Revolution can be done in many ways, but sometimes the simplest way can have the best impact.