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While in his local park, Father George Kolbe a Roman Catholic Priest, finds the body of Sam who has been murdered. He calls the police and attends for an interview the next day. Jonathan Smith, an occasional church attendee comes to the church for ‘confession with the priest during which he reveals that he killed Sam. George advises Jonathan to surrender to the police, which he does. He was charged and remained in the local prison.

While George is involved with Sam’s funeral and supporting Rosalynd, he serves as a witness at the trial and subsequently visits Jonathan in prison. He becomes close friends with Alan, the full time chaplain and begins going over to the prison every Thursday as the official Roman Catholic chaplain.

Rosalynd also becomes George’s housekeeper as he guides her through her experience of bereavement. Eventually, they became close and George leaves the priesthood to marry Rosalynd. As George becomes more involved at the local prison, he becomes friends with Alan, the chaplain and comes to help his ministry, as does Rosalynd.
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