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For more information about Jasmine and her Journey please visit www.jasminethekidauthor.com

This book follows the story of Jasmine who finds peace and courage during difficult times by imagining she is somewhere riding her bike. Jasmine’s bike becomes her escape from the reality that she is in the hospital or undergoing major medical procedures. With every procedure, Jasmine’s bike is there to take her away to a happier place. Jasmine finds herself riding her bike on the beach, through bike trails, and even taking off into space.

Jasmine’s Journey introduces both children and adults to the difficulties that individuals with vascular anomalies face each day. The book also reminds us that no matter what we are going through, there is someone else facing a more difficult challenge. The Mom Insights, at the end of the story, provide parents and guardians coping strategies for managing long term medical challenges. This true story is both educational and inspirational.