Rue Finds Purr-a Vida

Rue is a loving cat—but he’s tough, too. He gets annoyed that his overprotective mom never lets him go outside, so he rebels. Even when he’s been bad, though, his human still loves him. Even so, she does take a break from Rue every couple months to go on vacation to Costa Rica. His mom has a thing for traveling, and he wishes she would take him with her. How can Rue ever find true happiness in life always cooped up inside?

His mom’s favorite saying is “Pura Vida.” In Costa Rica, it means “pure life” or “simple life.” There is nothing simple about Rue having to go to the hated kennel, so when he derails Mom’s plans, he ends up in her vacation carry-on. Rue finally gets to travel!

When he gets his big chance to venture out into “Paradise,” he runs into a howler monkey, a green-eyed tree frog, and a sloth. These wise creatures teach him to be grateful for what he has and the true meaning of “Pura Vida.” Rue’s amazing adventure shows him how to live a simple, pure, and joyful life—not just in Costa Rica but at home with his mom too.