The Lost Tooth

The Lost Tooth follows the delightful journey of Mila, a spirited little girl in search of her missing tooth. Filled with anticipation, Mila eagerly awaits a visit from the Tooth Fairy after placing her tooth under her pillow. However, when morning comes and there is no gift, Mila experiences disappointment. But in a whimsical twist, her dreams become a doorway to the magical world of the Tooth Fairy.

My Nana’s Cooking

In My Nana’s Cooking, we meet Mika, who wakes up to Nana’s inviting voice, calling her to the kitchen. Nana has been a pillar of love and care in Mika’s and her family’s life, taking on the role of a second mother. One day, Mika discovers a change in the kitchen routine, prompting Nana to teach her how to make their favorite breakfast and share cherished family recipes. As their bond deepens through this culinary journey, Mika expresses her gratitude and love for Nana, and Nana reciprocates the affection, emphasizing the reciprocal love within their family.

The Youngest Lamb

Set in a beautiful coastal area, The Youngest Lamb transports readers into a charming world where sheep lead peaceful lives on a farm. However, the youngest lamb’s insatiable curiosity and longing for companionship lead her on an adventurous escapade into the bustling town nearby. Along the way, she encounters unforeseen challenges and learns the importance of caution and the love and care provided by her family.

Maxi’s Hobby. What’s Yours?

In Maxi’s Hobby, What’s Yours?, we join Maxi, a young boy feeling bored and unfulfilled during a holiday gathering. As he yearns for an activity that truly captures his interests, Maxi’s favorite uncle, Tommy, becomes his companion on an unforgettable adventure. They explore various activities, from baking cookies with Aunt Yohan to birdwatching with Maxi’s grandma. Through each experience, Maxi’s curiosity is ignited, and he embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find his true passion.