“Shouldn’t all stories have happy endings. . .?”

Deacon kills for his father. Ebony steals for her enemy. When Deacon is sent to kill Ebony, they’re both longing for something to feel. Their interaction sparks a chain of hope, fear and even death. And just when they think things could really work, Deacon’s father finds out, and everything changes. Deacon and Ebony only wanted each other—but love had other plans.


Ebony holds both of my hands, intertwining our fingers. And you know what? She doesn’t get disgusted by the blood and dry crusty wounds on my palms and fingers. Her nose is on mine, and I shiver. “Do you trust me?” She whispers.

“Yes.” Then I look up at her and shiver. “I don’t trust myself.”

She scoots closer and breathes against my lips. “Well I trust you, Deacon Pierce. Even if it kills me.”

Then, she pulls me forward and presses her lips against mine.