Venture into the Lost Fields of Silk in Ireland, where a fearless granddaughter unravels the clues to find her missing grandmother.

Joseph and Benita were inseparable. Theirs was a bond of love, trust, understanding, and support. After Joseph’s passing, he sent visions, dreams, signs, and messages from the Other Side. Benita mourned him, and grieved. She remembered him and spoke to him daily. At night, she waited for his visits. Together they relived cherished memories.

Looking for Joseph in the Night Sky is the eighth in a series of grief memoirs written by Benita Glickman, a widow who lost her beloved husband of thirty-eight years after a thirteen-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. It’s an affirmation that there is life after death, spirits communicate with, and offer solace to, those they leave behind, and love is eternal.

Join them as Joseph guides Benita through the darkness into the light, leading her to realizations about life and love, and helping her through grief to healing. She searches the depths of her soul and shares her findings with the world. “It’s all about the love. The unconditional, boundless love we share. The love that pours like sparkling champagne over crackling ice. That seemingly undefinable emotion; its gentility, kindness, and devotion.”

Benita explains grief as “an abundance of love that has nowhere to go,” and encourages her readers to listen to and honor their feelings as they change. She wants you to know, not only aren’t you alone in your feelings, your deceased loved ones are with you, always and eternally.