Book Overview

Are you interested in future leadership roles but need help effectively preparing and positioning yourself for future success? What leader development programs and practices should you consider? You may be currently in a leadership role and want to maximize your effectiveness and impact. What leadership practices should you adopt?  Last but not least, perhaps you have been in a leadership role for an extended period of time, and you are wondering if your impact is waning. Do you need to renew and recharge, or might the time be right to exit the role? If so, what strategies and processes do you need to implement to ensure that you depart with grace, dignity, and with the comfort in knowing that your unit or organization is poised for sustained success and prosperity?

These are questions that people at the various stages of the leadership lifecycle often have, but leadership authors have yet to capture in one book. The Leadership Lifecycle: How to Prepare; How to Excel, and When (and How) to Effectively Exit is a notable exception, and it will prove to be a valuable addition to any current or aspiring leader’s library and a blueprint to help them stategically navigate all three stages of the leadership lifecycle.