The Lumen Caligo

There are three types of people in the world. Those with white wings. Those with black wings. And those with none.

Every 350 years a 4th is born called the Lumen Caligo. One side of his wings there is white. On the other side, there is black.

Throughout time, the Lumen Caligo acted as a peacekeeper for all the nations, leading them to times of peace, prosperity, and power…

Then, the Lumen Caligo of the 1600s mysteriously vanished at the brink of war between the nations. His last letter was something called “The Isolation Order”.

It requested that the nations return to their lands of origin. Fearing the destruction that could unfold and respecting the title of The Lumen Caligo, the nations returned to their lands and vowed to remain isolated from the rest of the world until the Lumen Caligo returned…

On a sunset beach in California, a man sits in solitude… Not knowing the role he will play for the changing and shaping of the world…This is where our story begins.