Deep Dish

The Lakeside Fairy Tales: Volume 2

Geo is a poorly closeted Lit Professor on the rebound when he first sees Dima stripping and working the pole, and with that one look Geo is forever lost. A backstage trick turns into a treat of a date for the two broken men as they go out after the show, when the Angel of Fate adds her unique magic to the standard pie toppings and transforms a mere pizza pay date into a blessing of promise, and a chance for redemption and love.

What should be a simple transaction of sex for money turns into something not so simple. From seemingly out of nowhere, as if by literal magic, suddenly now there is love, hope, salvation and the need for two men to take a chance. When Fate is in the mix, all bets are off the table, and the bookmakers had better run for cover on that day when the long shots finally do come in.

Reciprocal need unleashes all the forces of the male psyche, both dark and light. Passion, needs, wants, desires, and the eternal drive for an alpha to rise to the top all come together to make for a story full of magic, hope and surprises aplenty. This illustrated love story reassures that the magic at the heart of every love is still alive and well in Boytsown, with a thrilling fantastical tale of romance as Geo and Dima take a roller coaster ride from Russian white nights to the darker side of gay male love.