This life of mine has always been about leaving things behind:

A childhood passed, love gone wrong, and moving on.

Looking for the next mistake to make, what to leave, what to take.

Who knows?

Waiting to see where the next wind blows.

What I seek, I may never find, because

A wandering heart can always change a mind.

Deborah Barnett wants others to know that they are not alone on this incredible journey through life. Despite its ups and downs, life provides us with simple gifts and lessons that help us grow and develop into who we are today.

In a collection of pain and joy, Barnett invites others into the sensitive heart of a poet, artist, and musician as she opens the lyrical door to a hidden garden of mixed emotions and personal observations that provide a candid glimpse into her hidden self. Within her poetic reflections, she explores grief, heartache, the never-ending search for peace, a single moment that changed everything, the comfort that lies within the darkness of night, the passing whisper of a butterfly in the sky, and much more.