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Turning Pro

A Revenge Thriller

Jake Delaney is the target of many NBA scouts. Little does he know that his dad’s past also makes him a target of a powerful international arms dealer.

Jake is a senior point guard with real potential to be a first round NBA draft pick. His plan is to lead Seton Hall to the NCAA championship.

His relationship with his dad, Chuck Reardon, has been tenuous at best. Chuck’s career as a Navy SEAL spy has made it difficult to develop a close relationship with his son.

But the relationship comes front and center when Chuck’s past puts Jake’s life in the crosshairs.

Chuck’s failed military operation 20 years ago resulted in the death of the only son of a weapons dealer known as The Crimson Scimitar.

The psychopath has other plans.

“An eye for an eye,” and the plot to kill Jake is set into motion.

It’s March Madness and Seton Hall is playing Michigan in the “Sweet 16” round at the United Center in Chicago.

It’s the biggest game in Jake’s life with Jake’s life in the balance.

It’s a game that Chuck must not lose!

Omega Reborn

A Jake Reardon Thriller

Moments after leading Seton Hall to an NCAA Tournament basketball victory, senior point guard Jake Delaney is brutally attacked.

Jake learns, “the mastermind of this plot lives… and he won’t stop until YOU are dead.” With his mother’s safety in mind, Jake decides to join Omega- an elite team of operatives whose sole purpose is to maintain national security and take out threats the government can’t.

Jake learns to be a leader “off the court” with the talented members of Bravo team, each with their own special skills. From Amy Leung, a marksman, to Rafik Aziz, a cybersecurity specialist, to Deion Carson, a martial arts master.

After a year of training, Bravo team embarks on a mission to interrupt the flow of fentanyl coming across the US southern border. The mission is compromised!

If Jake and the Omega team are to survive, he must learn who to trust and how to build that trust with his team! Or else….