Most Christian books have a problem. For they speak from an “adult perspective”, and not a child’s. They leave out, the most important aspect of the foundation when walking with God, and that is the child. They say. do ABCDE, to get a better walk with God. That’s fine, but we forget about the growth of the child and there characteristics, is the Christian life template for an adult to look at and learn from.

This is the reason why children come before adults; it’s so we can see who God sees. God doesn’t see us as we see each other as adults, in arrogance. God doesn’t care about your social status, or you can have more degrees than a thermometer, you are his child. God sees adults as tall children. So now let’s look deeper into a child’s life, and how it relates to Gods foundation… the family. Understanding the child, then you will understand yourself, and what God wants from us as adults.

Looking at the genesis of a child we can see many attributes and characteristics of a child that God wants to see in us. We can shadow, and be a reflection of “childlike”, not childish as Jesus said in the book of Mathew. Jesus clearly states ‘unless you’re like a child, you shall not enter….’ Right off the bat, Jesus is drawing the line in the sand.

Children have many characteristics that we miss as adults, and forget that we went through these same characteristics ourselves. From looking up, having childlike faith, being able to be led, humility, believability, no pride or self-righteousness etc. This fascinating book being different, will enhance any reader/parent to take a stronger look at their own Christian life, and check off the boxes to see if there in alignment with Gods standards. There a chapter on being blind when your awake, yet we trust him in sleep, and other great gems of wisdom.