Ron Gallo is a retired 40-year Park ranger, and has been ministering to people all over for over 50 years. He is a previous author of 5 books and 8 booklets on fishing. God has led Ron and given him the insight to study spiders in his park ranger trails and has shown him how looking at the spider and the ant (the smallest and most hideous looking creatures) you can learn to live the Christian life. Ron shares his insights in his book “The Spider and the Saint”, in Volume 2 in his Balance collection called “The Awakening, and in his children’s book “Charlie the Spider and friends”. In his book, “When I look Up”, Ron shows the insights of what the Lord has shown him in the correlation between the child and the adult, which we many times forget. While we think children can learn from us, which is correct, we are also learning from them as well. We forget that, because we forget to stop looking up like the child and look straight ahead at people and our circumstances. In Ron’s books he gives the reader wisdom, laughter, insight, wisdom and understanding through gems for everyday living. In his book collection, you can get to the next level in your day to day walk with the Lord.