Vision, purpose and a heart compelled to do the will of God are the distinctive attributes, which motivate pastor, teacher, and author, Gary B. McCleod. He knows about troubles as detailed in his book, “Troubles Don’t Last Always.” In it he gives a testimony of how God delivered him and his wife out of all of their troubles. A Bible scholar, McCleod started his outreach ministry on WEXY 1520 AM; and Comcast TV Broadcast. Today he can be seen on the Daily Gospel Network and On Demand on the Now Network.

McCleod authored his first book, “Don’t Blame God” in 1995 and he is now proud to introduce his second book, “Troubles Don’t Last Always”. In addition, he has contributed to and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.

He is married to Synthia Y. (Herring) McCleod and has two daughters – Elaina and Jasmine; Two sons – Gary, Jr. and Caleb; and four granddaughters, Trinitee, Schelby, Kyla and Treasure; and three grandsons, Jaylen, Zach and George IV.