Considering the concept of parallel universes originating and structured from the Main Universe, even on an intellectual basis, it can be calculated at least how many parallel universes there are. It can be accepted that the same living and non-living things live at a different time in each parallel universe. In this case, if a living creature is considered to live for a maximum of 150 years, in line with today’s knowledge and conditions, and if the difference between different time periods is considered to be 1 second, the following result can be obtained. (150 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60) The result of this process shows how many seconds 150 years are. In this case, it can be calculated that there are at least 4,730,400,000 parallel universes. In addition, with a calculation, it can be determined when the parallel universes will be completely free of living things or when the living things will die, and this can give an idea about when the apocalypse will occur. For this, the following information is required: the number of all living things should not increase, but should stop and go backwards, that is, enter into a process of decrease. For example, if the rate of increase in living beings is 0% after (m) years and the number of living beings at that moment (human, animal, plant, etc.) is accepted as (n) and one living creature among these living beings lives for a maximum of (k) years, then the intellectual Basically, we can say that the apocalypse may happen in the year (2024 + m + n + 2k). (On an A.D. basis.) This calculation also includes the possibility of teleportation and time travel applications at the scientific and technological level (m) years from now and the possibility of going back and forward in time (n) years.