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Genesis is an extremely unique and intoxicating life force with gorgeous blood-orange hair, thick attractive cornrows, and beautiful mahogany-brown skin. She was born with a rare genetic feature called heterochromia, which means she has two different eye colors. She is ambidextrous, which means that she is neither left-handed nor right-handed. Her heart is also on the right side of her body instead of her left, but what truly makes her unique is her ability to integrate herself into many forms. If she comes into contact with the ground, she is able to become one with the ground. If she comes in contact with a wall, she can become whole with that wall.

Genesis and I branch from the same tree. We have the same mother. We have different fathers. We were delivered into this world on the same day, released into this world seven minutes apart.

Our mother is native to this world. Genesis’s father is not of this world. He is from somewhere very far away. My sister and I are not of the same species, only partly related. Nonetheless, while in our mother’s amniotic sac, my sister’s DNA bonded with mine.

Sad to say, being sisters didn’t prevent our marriage from rending itself unstable. The sibling bond came to an end before it even had a chance to begin. Divorce has found its way onto the table, and it intends to be served cold.