A Regulatory Compliance Guide for Nursing Home Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Nurse Managers, Dietitians, Food Service Directors/Managers, Certified Nurse Aides/Nursing Assistants, Food Service Aides, and for others of the Nursing Home Community

Long Term Care Quality and Pleasant Resident Mealtime Workbook

This workbook focus on helping Facilities make certain that leadership and staff keep the focus on Quality and also on residents meeting their nutritional status and needs as well as having a pleasant mealtime experience in the nursing home. The Author highlights the primary Department Leaders with the primary Roles and Responsibilities to achieve this goal for the residents. The leaders and Department Heads with the key responsibilities for this care area are:

• The Administrators
• The Directors of Nursing
• The Dietitians
• The Food Service Directors/Managers
• The Nurse Managers/Nursing Supervisors/Charge Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants/Certified Nurse Aides
• The QAPI Director/Coordinator

Nora Wellington makes it easy for you to find your regulations F-tags that relate to your work care area, out of the voluminous regulations. She gives you the F-Tags Regulations by Department and area of responsibility. So turn the pages to your job responsibility and you will find the F-Tags that relate to you.

The workbook also gives you:

• Self-Reflection questions for you to assess your skills set
• Practical Tips for your job responsibilities
• Case Studies & Exercises To Do
• Remarks – the author’s insight and advise for additional focus

The workbook is an excellent resource to help you make a difference in the lives of the residents while providing quality of care, quality of life, and pleasant mealtime experience, and at the same time reducing some of the challenges in your facilities.