Book Overview

Despite some disappointments and what may even be considered outright failures, I believe that I have so far experienced a reasonably satisfying journey through this life, but whether it has been profoundly meaningful or not is open to conjecture and has no bearing on the primary reason I have written this memoir.

As my years now seem to elapse more rapidly and my memories, like my old photographs, fade and wane in significance, I wish to relate how circumstances and persons in my life may have had, knowingly or not, some influence on me, although I know full well that it is virtually impossible to weigh what I consider to be immeasurable values.

This presentation is based on remembrances, which at times appear to be fully intact, at times are less so, even blurred, and at times are but only of fleeting images, and I have written it without the benefit of any in-depth research. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that other persons of my time may think, remember, or know otherwise. The situation is such that I have had cause to return to my address books to remember names only to find that many a name has no corresponding entry in my memory bank.

This therefore makes it likely that readers may hold different opinions, find discrepancies, and even strongly disagree with what I have written. So, if you, dear reader, know differently from my accounts of these past events, I beseech you to kindly bear with me, for my brain is becoming less and less responsive, as if a cloud or fog that was once absent from it has appeared and is becoming denser and increasingly infiltrative. I therefore welcome any expressed differences, because any thought of mine remains but only for one “brief shining moment” in my mind. Perhaps I seek that such thoughts ought not be forgot just as the challenge King Author gave to the lad in Camelot.